Celluclear © Anti Cellulite Cup (S)


Celluclear © Anti Cellulite Cup (S)


Just 5 Minutes A Day!

With daily use, you’ll see noticeable results just like what you’d get with professional Anti-Cellulite cupping therapy treatments in less time for less money. Isn’t it time you treated yourself right? Just 5 mins every day for 21 days and get rid of cellulite.

– Made from extra-thick, high-grade hypoallergenic silicone
– Rigorously tested for biocompatibility and durability.
– Easy to clean
– Flexible material combats excessive bruising.

Benefits of Our Anti-Cellulite Cups:

Removes Cellulite!

Use once a day with skin oil for a maximum of 10 minutes on your thighs. You’ll notice firmer, tighter skin with a reduced appearance of cellulite.

Improved Circulation!

Our cups are modeled as those in traditional Chinese treatments but offer more flexibility for ease of use. Circulation is improved, and so is the texture of your skin.


This product helped me a lot to treat cellulite; just massage every day and you will have impressive results after one month

Dounia Beauty – Youtuber